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You will earn monthly revenue for your videos being played on Meetideo.

Frequently asked questions

How do I submit content?

We provide you a form where you can upload your videos and add necessary information about your conference and speakers. Once we receive your content, we will review it and publish on our platform.

What content can I submit?

We expect videos from sessions which take place during your conference or event. Content should cover topics like business, technology, marketing, science, etc.

How can I earn money?

Meetideo has a partner program where you have an opportunity to earn monthly revenue through our royalty pool. Your revenue will depend on a number of views of your videos every month. Each month 40% of Meetideo’s premium membership subscription revenue goes to a royalty pool for content providers. The rest of revenue goes towards marketing and platform development.

Who can publish content?

Conference and training organizers. As a content publisher, you must own copyrights to all content you publish.

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